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About Us

College Yoga Day is intended to unite, inspire, and bring together the Yoga, mindfulness, and wellness communities on college campuses across the country. Initially conceived of as a student-focused community-building response to the tragic 2018 Valentine's Day school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, the idea was adapted to colleges instead of high schools to have a larger and more profound effect. Similar to how the Greek system and athletic participation promote feelings of belonging and inclusivity in campus life, our College Yoga Day festivals facilitate University camaraderie around popular "like-minded" activities, community engagement, and shared values about healthy lifestyle practices.

Practically speaking, College Yoga Day subscribes to Mahatma Gandhi's "Be The Change" philosophy and assists participants in developing a stronger sense of identity through empowerment and practice. Ultimately, we feel that bringing people together for a special day of inspiration, fun, and life-enhancing teachings can have a profound effect on the students, faculty, alumni, and people in general on each campus, who are dedicated to peace, love, and seeking health and happiness in life.

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