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David Romero

Sound Bath
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

David Romero is a Yoga Professor and Lecturer at The University of Southern California in the Physical Education Department. A sound healer and reiki practitioner, David found his way to Yoga after being a Captain in the United States Air Force, where he spent nearly 6 years working on Government rocket and satellite programs. After his time in the service, David worked for Fortune 500 Company, St. Jude Medical, where he sold Spinal Cord Stimulators to help individuals working through severe chronic pain.

Following an inherent desire to better understand the mind-body connection in order to support individuals without the use of medications or medical devices, David studied Yoga under the keen eye of his mentor, Thomas Taubman. He believes each time we come to the yoga mat, it is an opportunity to create a greater alignment between the mind, body, and spirit. David practices yoga to bring more presence and awareness into everyday living and chooses to teach because he recognizes the overall benefits of a healthy, fulfilling, and well-balanced practice. To date, David has taught well over 3,000 classes and is constantly inspired and encouraged by the local and worldwide community of yogis dedicated to selflessly helping others rediscover and find a deeper connection with themselves on the Yoga mat.

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