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Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Register For Sessions At College Yoga Day At USC?

All of our classes are FREE, but you must register for College Yoga Day at USC to attend. Additionally, when you arrive on campus on the day of the festival, whether you have pre-registered online for College Yoga Day at USC or not, you must sign in at the registration desk located in Associates Park (see Maps) to get a wrist band, which is required for access to all classes. Please also note that all classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis, since pre-registering for individual classes is not available, and classes will only be limited in attendance as per the Fire Code Regulations at USC.

    What Else Should I Bring To College Yoga Day At USC?

College Yoga Day at USC is a B.Y.O.M. event, meaning we request that you "Bring Your Own Mat" with you to the festival if you have one. We will have a limited number of mats available for people to use throughout the day, but if you have a mat you'll be more comfortable while concurrently supporting others who might be newer to Yoga and might not have their own mat yet. Other than bringing your Yoga mat for any movement-based sessions you're planning on attending, the only other things you will likely only need to bring are comfortable clothes, a water bottle (as we'll have refilling stations and don't want to waste plastic), any Yoga props you might like to use through the day (a block, strap, blankets, bolster, etc.), and money for lunch if you'll be staying all day long. At the nighttime festivities, we'll be hosting a Halloween costume contest in between the musicians' sets (being that it''ll be the Saturday before Halloween), so also bring a costume if you want to participate and try to win. 

    Where And When Do I Pick Up My Wrist Band For College Yoga Day at USC?

The registration table at College Yoga Day at USC will open at 8 AM on the day of the festival. It will be located in Associates Park, right next to the Physical Education building and across from the main USC Bookstore on Childs Way. After registering (if you haven't pre-registered already) and signing our standard USC waivers, you will receive your wrist band that will provide you with access to attend all sessions at College Yoga Day at USC.

       Are Children Allowed To Attend College Yoga Day at USC?

College Yoga Day at USC is a kid-friendly event. The Kid's corner located in Associates Park behind the Registration Table will feature faculty from USC's own Little Yogis Program and will include morning Yoga and mindfulness meditation sessions as well as fun Yoga-related activities classes for children who attend the festival under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

       What Is USC's Address And What Are The Best Directions?

College Yoga Day at USC is being hosted on the main campus located at 3551 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles, CA 90089 in Associates and Founder's Parks and The Physical Education Building.

Directions can be found on our Maps, Food, and Parking page HERE.

       Where Should I Park?

Arrive at the USC campus through the McCarthy Way Entrance (Formerly Entrance #3) and tell the attendant that you are here for College Yoga Day at USC and would like to purchase an all-day parking pass. The pass costs $12 and is valid through midnight on the date of purchase in any parking structure or parking lot where general parking is available. The attendant will direct you to park in the McCarthy Way Structure (Formerly Parking Structure X). Park in an unreserved spot and walk over to Associates Park by following the signs.

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