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Julie Segovia Rowand, M.A.

UCLA Health’s Dr. Dean Ornish Program

Julie Segovia Rowand commits daily to her practice and to guiding others toward the sense of wholeness and wellness inherent in us all. A certified yoga and restorative yoga instructor, and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists with a Yoga Therapy credential from Loyola Marymount University’s YTRx program, Julie shares the teachings of yoga with participants of Dr. Ornish’s transformative and empowering program at UCLA Health. She also teaches yoga to cancer survivors at UCLA Medical Center Olive View, and trauma-informed yoga to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault for the non-profit organization Exhale to Inhale. Julie serves on the board of the non-profit The Heartstringz Foundation, which provides musical companionship, ukuleles, and musical instruction to hospitalized children and senior citizens. Se habla español.

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