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Tina Robles

Hatha Flow Yoga
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Tina Robles first began her yoga journey at the suggestion of her doctor after a long illness. Through her Yoga practice, Tina regained her strength, balance, and a sense of power. Professionally, Tina received her B.S. in Mathematics - Statistics and M.B.A. in Management and Marketing from The University of Miami. Practicing Yoga under international movement educator and Yoga teacher Jordan Bloom, she opened her mind to the possibilities of also teaching Yoga, in addition to practicing. So, after ten years of practice, Tina took teacher training with Yoga Works headed by Edwin Bergman of Yoga That in Miami Beach. She is especially proud to make Yoga accessible for all types of bodies and her teaching style emphasizes both principles of alignment and the use of props. 

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