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Tiffany Coronia

Yoga tune-up

My love for yoga was ignited through inspiration and curiosity about this thing called yoga. I was first drawn to yoga in college and went to several classes through the years, but never really connected with the practice. Years later, a friend’s love for yoga and her admiration for her teacher sparked my curiosity again and I tagged along to a class. It was in this experience that I found the practice and teacher I needed at that exact time. I immediately began to feel physically stronger and a sense of calm and ease in what was then a very hectic life of a publicist. That physical strength began to build a sense of confidence that hadn’t existed previously and eventually led to an inner strength and self resiliency that I had never known was possible.

I aim to create a safe space for all people to practice no matter their level or ability. My classes utilize kinesthetic movements of the body and an awareness of the breath as a means of focusing students’ attention through their own personal experience and self study. This approach allows students to hone their ability to pay attention to what is happening in each moment and decide how to proceed with a higher level of awareness. Cultivating the skill of being fully present while making decisions through the physical yoga practice can lead students to be more present and empowered in their lives off their yoga mat.

I am grateful to all my teachers who shared their wisdom of this practice and offered me tools to grow on this path. I studied extensively with Annie Carpenter and have an advanced certification in her SmartFLOW Yoga methodology. My hope is to utilize the physical practices of yoga in a therapeutic capacity and have studied Yoga Therapy at Loyola Marymount University and am a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher. I have also studied and practiced with Jill Miller, Maria Villella, Alexandria Crow, Jules Mitchell, Trina Altman, Tiffany Russo and Amy Lafond

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