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Vida Vierra

Panel Discussion
Reclaiming Wellbeing
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

Vida Vierra is an Ordained Minister, Energy Healing Instructor, Certified instructor of Qi-Gong, Sacred Arts performer of Voice and Afro Brazilian Dance, former Director of Swing Brazil Dance and currently Director of Rainbow Body Matrix.

Inspired by a near-death experience in her teens, Vida began her quest for understanding the deeper meaning of Life through Higher Consciousness. She entered the Ashram Life of contemplation and meditation as a renunciate. After several years, Vida’s expanded her sacred journey and began to study with many esteemed Masters of the World’s Sacred Traditions. Ms. Vierra was an apprentice to the African Shaman, Elie Hien, from Burkino Faso. She has been formally initiated into the Spiritist tradition of Umbanda and is currently in alliance with Esteemed Elder, Maé Mainha de' Bahia  from Salvador, Brazil in the study of Candomblé.

Empowered and blessed by the Ceremonies and Masters of India, Tibet, the Indigenous traditions of the Americas, China, Africa and Brazil, Vida now draws upon her deep connection with Spirit to channel for those who seek their own Enlightenment with her own unique gift as a healer, mentor, artist and activist.

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