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College Yoga Day At UCLA

January 22, 2020

Join us for the the 1st ever College Yoga Day at UCLA! Our all day, wanderlust-like festival will bring together the UCLA Yoga, mindfulness, and wellness communities to help you celebrate all that you love about life as a UCLA Bruin. We aim to introduce you to healthy lifestyle alternatives that are available to you as resources on campus through an amazing and eclectic collective of UCLA's elite Yoga and mindfulness-inspired professors and faculty members, along with a few outstanding teachers and leaders from the Yoga and mindfulness community in Southern California.

Sponsored by UCLA Wellness, The Wooden Center, UCLA Health, the new college brand Meditating Mascots, and us here at College Yoga Day, the event is FREE for all UCLA Bruin students, faculty members, staff, and friends.

Please find more information about College Yoga Day at UCLA below…

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Other Info About College Yoga Day AT UCLA...

  • College Yoga Day at UCLA is for all people of all backgrounds and all levels of practice. In terms of what to expect, there will be Yoga sessions that are slow and gentle, others that are flowy and athletic, and some from popular styles of Yoga. We will also have seated mindfulness meditation sessions and lectures. On the schedule page, Yoga sessions range from 60-90 minutes and meditation and mindfulness sessions and lectures range from 55-60 minutes. All sessions are on a first-come, first-serve basis and we will have 2 sessions beginning every 90 minutes. What's more, there will be an afternoon panel on Reclaiming Wellness and feel good  to end the day.

    We hope you enjoy what we have planned for you!
  • College Yoga Day at UCLA is a B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Mat) event and we will have a limited number of mats available for new practitioners. Registration is mandatory, whether you pre-register here on the College Yoga Day website to make it easier on the day of the event or you register when you arrive at the event. Everyone must present proper identification (of some sort) for admission and a wrist band, which is necessary for entrance into all sessions. Additionally, signing a waiver and release upon arrival is required for entry for all attendees.
  • College Yoga Day at UCLA is non-competitive, friendly, family-like environment where kindness and supporting each other is valued and honored. It is also a drug-free and alcohol-free event and we request that you do not bring anything that would potentially disrupt the harmony of the event for others. Be mindful...and if in doubt, please leave it out.

Make sure to check out our gold sponsors at Meditating Mascots & Join us on 1/22/20 for an epic day of Yoga and mindfulness at UM!

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